Direct Search

Finding experienced Specialists Professionals and Managers who meet your requirements is a challenge that requires deep market knowledge and people-understanding, familiarity with the dynamics of those companies seeking staff and an excellent network within the communications world.

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In order to identify the best candidates for you in a timely manner, we first run thru a detailed briefing discussion with you. The result is a clear Search Profile. Based on this, we select potential candidates, who we invite to the first job interviews. We then present the most suitable candidates to you in person.

After you have selected a candidate we support you thru the contract negotiation phase and remain available for questions from both parties. Even after completion of the search process, we continue to support the integration of the new employee into the team and remain at your disposal to advise you at all times. Our goal is to build a long-term successful cooperation.


The search for talented young professionals and junior professionals is becoming increasingly challenging since the Communications Industry finds itself in competition with other attractive industries, while the effects of demographic change are already being felt.

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With this target group the search approach differs somewhat from that applied for specialists and executives, as they do not yet have a perceptible market presence.

Therefore, after a briefing, we usually combine a Web-based search with database selection to identify a pool of suitable candidates. We conduct telephone interviews with the applicants whose profiles match the vacancy, and recommend the most suitable candidates to you.

Interim Management

Companies and Agencies increasingly find themselves confronted with the situation of having to fill key positions on an interim basis.

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The reasons are many - from short-term overseas assignments or project work to filling gaps prior to the hire of a new staff member, to family breaks or Sabbaticals, thru periods of longer sick leave.

We have a network of experienced managers from a range of different fields available support you for a certain period of time without the need for a long familiarization program.

This also applies to critical phases of any given project, in which specific expertise required. Or when the presence of a key specialist is required for a limited time at another site. Talk to us - we will help you cope with these situations and avoid any negative effect on your daily business.