A profound international interdependence, the shift of market focus towards new regions and the emergence of completely new competitors, the dynamics of the economic process have increased rapidly in recent years. This in turn means new challenges in virtually all sectors of business and has implications for many employees. In this transformation communication plays a key role as an interface between management, employees and stakeholders.

Using a variety of disciplines communication conveys developments both internally and externally thus making an important contribution to the long-term success of companies, which rely more than ever on a positive internal and external perception and high employee motivation. At the same time, the communications spectrum itself has become more sophisticated through new channels and tools which have created fresh challenges for organizations.

In order to keep pace with this momentum and to actively help shape this change, companies need staff that combine a complex professional profile with performance-related personal attributes. GK Unternehmens- und Personalberatung GmbH is your partner of choice to find exactly this caliber of employee. We have been the leading German language personnel consultancy for all areas of the communications industry since 1991, from classical disciplines such as Public Relations and Internal Communications to Digital Media, Corporate Publishing, Events, Public Affairs and Investor Relations thru the entire spectrum of Brand Communication.